May 20, 2024

Before You Walk

Before you walk – important information to note:

  1. The Walk Through Time Walks are self-led and we hope they will appeal to both residents and visitors to the Dale. You will find the routes on this website and these can also be downloaded or obtained via our App. More detailed information is available on Ordnance Survey maps and ‘Yellow Walk’ pocket maps, available through many retail outlets in the Dale, and these are recommended as supporting material for the walks.
  2. You will need appropriate footwear and clothing. Always make sure you are adequately dressed and equipped for the conditions. The weather here can change very quickly. Boots or stout footwear are advisable on these walks. Always carry waterproof clothing.
  3. Most routes are relatively short, but even on these it is recommended that you take water with you.  Although refreshment points are marked on the maps, please note that many of these establishments may have seasonal or limited opening hours and opening times should be confirmed before the walk.
  4.  When planning, take account of your level of fitness and whether all parts of the route have appropriate accessibility for you. Please note that some fields may have cattle in them.
  5. If you are taking a dog on any of the walks, please remember to keep your dog under close control, in particular in farmyards and over farmland where there may be stock grazing or where there are ground nesting birds. Please also remember to clean up after your faithful friend!
  6. Where you are extending a walk to explore further, ensure you have appropriate additional guidance information and have taken account of the additional walking time involved. Ensure you have additional refreshments and appropriate equipment.  For longer day walks, consider whether additional clothing, torch, personal first aid kit and whistle would be advisable.  A fully charged phone is good to have, but please note that some areas here may have a poor or no signal.
  7. Some routes particularly where they go across fields may be affected by any severe weather or prolonged rainfall.  Becks and streams with small crossings may become impassable after heavy rains.
  8. Take care crossing main roads particularly where there is limited visibility.  Areas near waterfalls, unguarded heights, old mine workings or kilns can be dangerous places and it is advisable to stay on recognised paths.
  9. Please leave no trace of your visit and leave the countryside as you would wish to find it – litter free and undamaged.  Leave gates on farmland as you find them and do not disturb historic sites.  Always follow the countryside code. Click here for the official version.
  10. Please note that these walks are suggested for your enjoyment and to share information about our heritage. Middleton Plus Development Trust is not responsible for any accident, injury to persons or damage to property during the walks.  
  11. And most of all – enjoy the walks and time spent in Teesdale as much as we do! 
The Countryside Code
The Countryside Code